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PG TV News: Conferenza di Hillary ClintonIn a groundbreaking press conference at the Sheraton Grand Laguna , US...
Utente - Notizie News TG
2009-07-28 08:37:43
PG TV News: Parte il summit dei paesi aderenti all'ASEANThe 42nd Asean Foreign Ministers Meeting and Post Ministerial Conferen...
Utente - Notizie News TG
2009-07-21 11:03:18
PG TV News: Ordine di chiusura degli Internet point per evitare che propaghino il virus H1N1Internet cafes to close: Some day-to-day activities that will be affec...
Utente - Attenti a...
2009-07-14 04:43:24
PG TV News: Arriva l'esercito per il vertice ASEANTroops and military hardware began arriving in Phuket last week in pre...
Utente - Notizie News TG
2009-07-14 04:36:58
PG TV News: ASEAN summit PhuketSecurity preparations for the upcoming ASEAN Regional Forum are now in...
Patong-Phuket - Notizie News TG
2009-07-09 15:22:23



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