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Eating 7 inch Scorpion that put me in Thailand Hospital: Thailand Gross Grub
Poisoned by eating a fried scorpion. Eating a scorpion that sent me to the hospital. Who knew scorpions had poison in the mandible AND it\\\'s tail? Not me. I was allergic, breathing slowed, heart went crazy. Great stuff. http://www.thaipulse.com/videos/ for more.
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Thai men cutting TONGUES with Razors at Jae Vegetarian Festival, Thailand
Blood, gore, lots of bloody chests and faces at this Chinese-Thai festival called \"Jae\" or \"Jeh\" in Thailand. Thai men cut themselves with razors, knives, swords, spears, hatchets, axes and other weapons on their tongues, face, chest, forehead, back. They also stick metal rods through (pierce) their cheeks, neck, and shoulders. Some are possessed. A crazy parade you shouldn\'t miss if you come to Thailand in October.
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Longneck people
Longneck people talking...
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Burma Long Neck Giraffe Hill Tribe Women Thailand
Visit a river village in Thailand / Burma of Long Neck Giraffe Hill Tribe Women
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Part-1 Thailand Piercing Festival: Women's Forbidden Temple
Thailand: Chinese Phuket Vegetarian Festival Women\'s Forbidden Temple, weird strange face piercing and trancing into the spirit world
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from kata view point to karon, in phuket, thailand
Andrea Thai Video - From nearby view point to Karon phuket thailand - by ambasciatore di patong - Visit: http://www.obiettivothai.com
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PG TV News:Patong Clean up
Patong Mayor Pian Keesin is working with Kathu Police Superintendent Grissak Songmoonnak to solve mounting garbage problems on Soi Bangla in Patong.
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PG TV News: Banca del Sangue
Phuket finally has a regional blood headqaurters which will provide mass quantites of blood supplies for Southern Thailand if another major disaster stikes.
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Rosso? E chissenefrega!
Attenzione agli incroci, spesso partono senza che il verde sia scattato e non si fermano al rosso, pericolo, pericolo, pericolo!
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PG TV News: Tourist Arrivals
In our final story of the day; Patong is outperforming the rest of Phuket in hotel and resort occupancy rates in this years summer or (low-season).
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