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PG TV News: Incendio in Soi Post Office a Patong
Patong Fire again In the latest fire to hit the beach road in Patong, an Indian restaurant, a tailor shop and a pharmacy were gutted in a pre-dawn blaze last week.
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PG TV News: Traditional Phuket Food Festival
Past Perfect We end the news at Central where a festival called \'PAST PERFECT – The traditional Foods of Phuket\' is under way. The festival, which included an eating contest, ends tomorrow.
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PG TV News: Arrivano gli americani!
Americani in città significano soldi per bar e gogo!
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PG TV News: Stop alle contraffazioni
Counterfeit clampdown If the sailors were hoping to get some fake designer jeans on their visit they were out of luck as on an earlier inspection tour of Soi Bangla in Patong, Deputy Minister of Commerce, Alongkorn Ponlaboot, said that the ministry was now going to get tough on the trade in counterfeit goods.
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Pic Nic a Layan Beach
Pollo fritto e sticky rice!!!!
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Layan Beach senza veli
passeggiata sulla spiaggia di Layan in cerca di conchiglie... ehmm BOTTIGLIE!!!
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Layan Beach, fine Giugno 2009
Albino, Pamela e Charlie
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PG TV News: Phuket International Fashion Week
We end the news with a preview of Phuket Fashion week, which started today, as many of the 150 top models gathered at a pre-event party at White Box Patong to see and be seen. PGTV went to see...
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PG TV News: Snake Catcher
Apart from marine animals Phuket has a lot of wildlife on land including monkeys, birds, and being a tropical island... snakes! which although often harmless can be a problem especially if they get into your house.
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PG TV News: Immigration Crackdown
Phuket Immigration yesterday held a press conference to announce measures aimed at improving compliance with immigration law, including the requirement that owners of all hotels, guesthouses and rental homes report foreigners on their premises to immigration within 24 hours of arrival.
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