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Benz Pornchita Live! โดเรมี : เบนซ์ พรชิตา Do re mi
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เพญพักตร์ ศิริกุล - ฉันเลยโอเค
Pen Pak ก็อปเจเน็ทมาหน้าด้านๆนะมึง 1992
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Mai beua mai mow- got & kat
this song is from a lakorn that Got Jakrapun played in with Aom.
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Laos Border Visa Run
his is part of a story blog \"Toby\" at www.goodthaigirl.com a love hate story with Thailand and Thai girl with premium content not seen anywhere. The first date and travel video website to show you how to date and travel in Thailand and Asia! Even if you are not interested in dating the travel content here is not available anywhere on the internet. See in Divx quality places, prices, season, facilities, phone numbers. 50 Top Destinations Bangkok. 100 Top Destinations Thailand. We also have 6 different chat mediums including 3D CIty, Flash,Java,3D,Video,Voip. All for free!
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Interview Dr Wiwat re H1N1 screening in Phuket
Our interview with Dr. Wiwat Sritamanotch, Deputy Provincial Chief Doctor in Phuket about screening for A H1N1 influenza 2009 or Swine/Mexican flu virus at ports in Phuket. No cases have been detected in Phuket or Andaman provinces but there are over 10,000 cases worldwide with 86 dead. (He is also on alert for Chikungunya viral diseases caused by mosquitoes with 5 cases in Phuket); but here he talks about A H1N1 flu: . Contact: swiwat2@yahoo.com, 081-5975104 Andaman News NBT TV (VHF dial) at 8.30am & perhaps repeats on Phuket Cable TV channel 1 at 3.30pm, 7pm & 1am, broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket provinces & Mazz Radio FM108 at 7pm in Phuket, Friday 22 May 2009 & http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/ & www.YouTube.com/AndamanNews Send comments to AndamanNews@yahoo.com
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Lezioni di Thai: Vocali
Avete bisogno di una traduzione dall\'Italiano al Thai o viceversa? Provate il servizio di www.visaforthai.com/traduzioni.html
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Lezioni di Thai: Alfabeto (consonanti)
Avete bisogno di una traduzione dall\'Italiano al Thai o viceversa? Provate il servizio di www.visaforthai.com/traduzioni.html
Data: 2009-05-31 11:25:23 - Aggiunto da: Utente
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Thai Food specialty Menu
Enjoy this Thai Food Video with 25 Thailand specialty Food dishes selected including dishes name in Thai and English.
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Pad Grapao Thai Food - Video
How to cook Pad Grapao with shrimp, a Thai delicacy!. Watch Video about pad,krapow,krapao by Metacafe.com
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