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Do all massages have a happy ending?
Our hero goes looking for a full body massage and doesn\'t quite find what he expected. A Snagsta production written and directed by Bjorn Turmann. Edited by Postprop.
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PG TV News: Coral Reef squadron 90% gone
Phuket’s ‘Coral Reef Squadron’ which was sunk off Bang Tao Bay last November is 90 percent missing or destroyed according to the Thai Dive Association.
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PG TV News: Air Asia Hub
Thai Air Asia will begin direct flight services to Phuket from several new major cities in the region starting by the end of the year, the low-cost carrier has announced.
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PG TV News: Bartenders Competition
The best mixologists in the South converge on Phuket this last weekend for the Southern Bartender Contest 2009 at HomeWorks Phuket. PGTV went to watch professional bartenders attempt to mix, shake and juggle their way to a place in the national bartending championship.
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Royal Tulip
His Majesty King Bhumbiol Adulyadej has granted a dutch farmer permission to use his name for a new breed of Tulip.
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PG TV News: Tsunami Drill
In a mass tsunami drill, six provinces in the Andaman Sea region took part in a coordinated evacuation drill held on Friday.
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PG TV News: Swine Flu cleanup
Phuket conducted a community-wide mass cleaning on Sunday, disinfecting roads, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels and guesthouses in the Patong Beach area after a woman working in a pub tested positive to the Influenza A H1N1 virus.
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โฆษณา สสส
โครงการคุณธรรมนำไทย - questo Bus rappresenta la THAILANDIA, il messaggio sotto forma di metafora e\' piuttosto chiaro!
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PG TV News: Surgery Success
Doctors in Haad Yai have successfully completed emergency surgery to create artificial reproductive and digestive organs for the Burmese baby born with ‘mermaid syndrome’ in Phuket on Sunday night.
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Appartamento in vendita a Phuket - Condo for Sale in Phuket
A Phuket, immerso nel verde di un meraviglioso Campo da Golf, il Phuket Country Club (, vendo appartamento elegante in stile Italiano, un bellissimo bilocale di 59 mtq. appena ristrutturato ed arredato di tutto punto. Per chi non lo sapesse in Thailandia non e\' possibile acquistare casa per gli stranieri, eccezzion fatta per gli appartamenti all\'interno di condomini che possono invece essere intestati interamente a stranieri con quote ben precise. L\'appartamento in oggetto e\' intestato ad uno straniero e quindi puo\' essere passato ad un altro straniero, in questo modo si puo\' veramente dire \"Questa e\' casa mia\". The condo is for sale and is located in Kathu on the beautiful Phuket Island, nestled into a green Golf Course \"The Phuket Country Club\" ( It is fully and elegantly furnished and state of the art\'s equipped, 59 sqm., at the 4th floor with an enchanting view on the course and the near artificial lake. IMPORTANT, the condo is FREEHOLD, this means that it can be under your name, not a company or Thai name, IT IS YOURS! For Further info please call +66848486004 or email me at
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