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PG TV News: License Auction
Phuket\\\'s car enthusiasts are in for a treat later this month with the arrival of the 5th annual license plate auction.
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PG TV News: Oil Slick
Motorbike riders found Phuket’s busy Thepkrasattri Road even more treacherous than usual after a truck crane left a three-kilometer fuel slick down the southbound lane.
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Pattaya Pattaya song
Pattaya Pattaya song
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PG TV News: Building Demolition
the historic demolition of a townhouse in Phuket Town. The property was embroiled in a lengthy court battle that haulted road expansion plans in the area.
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PG TV News: Masked Monks
Buddhist monks in Phuket are being issued with surgical masks following the second swine flu death on the island last week.
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PG TV News: Illegal Logging
An illegal logging gang who destroyed large portions of pristine national park forest in the Kamala Hills had their operation shut down last week.
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นักเรียนนอก : น้องบิว ขาวคง
Un Bambino canta la sua voglia di studiare all\'estero criticando il panorama Thai dalla scuola alla politica - ภุมริน เรคคอร์ดส์ บันเทิงใจเสนอ ลูกคอรุ่นเล็ก ลูกทุ่งเด็ก 10 ขวบ น้องบิว ขาวคง กับเพลงแรก เพลง \"นักเรียนนอก\" เพลงจังหวะโจ๊ะ ที่ลงตัวไปกับภาษาใต้ที่สนุกสนาน บอกกล่าวเรื่องราวของเด็กที่อยากไปเรียนเมืองนอก จิก กัด เรื่องราวในสังคม แบบขำๆ ในมุมมองเด็ก ที่ผู้ใหญ่ฟังแล้วก็อดอมยิ้มไม่ได้
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5 Things to do @ Phuket Thailand
5 FuN Things to do @ Phuket Thailand
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Eating Live Shrimp (Goong Dthen) Thai food: Live Shrimp Dish
Thailand has some crazy things to eat. This Thai food is Goong Dthen, or, Dancing Shrimp. It\'s a lap - a very spicy dish served to put over rice. It\'s delicious. The shrimp are crunchy and sometimes pierce the palate or tongue. Care must be taken to eat these baby shrimps alive!
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Eating Giant Chinese Cockroach! Gross Thai Food Delicacy
Eating a GIANT Chinese cockroach to get things started. I ate about 8 gross things like cockroaches, waterbugs, silkworm larvae, big red ant eggs, grasshoppers, on these videos. One of the sickest things was the cockroaches - I ate it first because I knew I\'d throw up hard if I waited until the end. Thought I might lose my nerve by the end. See all 115+ videos here:
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